Wet Wipe

Cleaning and Disinfection

What's great about Wet Wipe?

The highly specialized solutions from Wet Wipe have been developed to reduce the time you spend on cleaning and disinfecting.


  • Same quality– every time (no linting, can withstand hard scrubbing, as required by WHO) 
  • Avoid cross contamination
  • Minimize the risk of user errors


  • Maximum coverage:
    • 1 piece of Mini wipe covers 4m2 area
    • 1 piece of Maxi wipe covers 8m2 area
  • Simplify logistics
  • Increase efficiency
  • Streamline workflow
  • Easy implementation


  • Increase safety (minimizing chemicals to create a safe work environment for the users)
  • Provides different types of levels from general cleaning, routine disinfection to isolation and outbreaks
  • Improve work environment
  • User friendly
  • Easier workflow


  • Proven microbiological effect
  • Full traceability

ISO 9001 13485 Certified

They are tested in close collaboration with leading independent microbiological laboratories in Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

Healthcare  sector

Food  sector

Transportation sector

Pharma sector

Primary Care sector

Veterinary  sector

Dental sector

Cleaning sector



Within surface disinfection we have products that are designed for the different types of levels from general cleaning, routine disinfection to isolation  and outbreaks.

Thanks to the uniquely perforated surface of the cloth it enables you to remove 99,9% of bacteria while wiping surfaces.

 1. Cleaning

 Time saving, efficient cleaning

 2. Routine Disinfection

 Against vegetative bacteria, yeast fungus and viruses

 3. Isolation and outbreak

 Disinfection during isolation and outbreaks

Environmental Hygiene Surface Cleaning

Disposable Wipes

 Level 1. Cleaning


Level  2. Routine Disinfection

Level 3. Isolation and outbreak


Universal Hypo-allergenic disposable wipes with neutral detergent

* pH-neutral universal cleaning without allergenic preservatives. In collaboration with

the Asthma and Allergy Denmark to ensure asthmatics are protected.

Cleaning to effectively cut off infection routes

Optimise Description

Easy to use

Triamin Disinfection Disposable wipes without alcohol

Wet Wipes Triamin Disinfection kills vegetative bacteria, yeast, enveloped viruses (such as COVID-19, SARS,) and blood borned viruses (HIV and Hepatitis) under dirty and blood soiled conditions. With a maximum exposure time of 5 minutes. Most vegetative bacteria are killed within 2 minutes.

Wet Wipe Triamin Disinfection is approved as a Medical Device , Registration No: GB9924620-39592

Chlorine Disinfection Disposable wipes containing

chlorine, water and soap

Wet Wipe Chlorine Disinfection disposable wipes are impregnated with powder chlorine. The package contains a cracking bag containing water and soap. When the bag is cracked, the water/soap solution is absorbed into the wipes, which are ready for use after 7 minutes. 

Effective disinfectant against Clostridium difficile, all known virus families, bacteria, spores, moulds and yeasts as well as encapsulated viruses (e.g. HIV and hepatitis B).

Lean philosophy

The core idea of Lean is to maximize users value while minimizing waste.

Lean means simply creating more value for users with fewer resources.

Eliminating waste along the entire value stream, instead of at isolated points, creates processes that need less human effort, less space, less capital,

and less time. This makes products and supply services at far lower costs and with fewer defects, compared to traditional business systems. As an

alternative to reusables we offer  improvements to all principle process areas.

Wet Wipes ensure consistent results in contrast to reusables, where quality declines over time and human error increases the likelihood of non-uniform blending. Wet Wipes save time, money and above all, human error. Using a Lean working process contributes in a direct and measurable way to better hygiene.

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